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Indonesia Construction

2006-06-04 20:47:00

Indonesia Construction

I was thinking about the Earthquake; the big reason for problems is construction techniques. I could easily write two books on construction methods around the world, however here is some photos.

There are building a building on Gang II of the area I am located in Yogyakarta.

They use a large amount of steel re-rod, tie it together. The major problem with the process is they pour the concrete or make the concrete, start, stop, and begin repeatedly, this creates weak joints or cold joints. One continuous pour is needed for strength. The slump, the mix, etc.

Bamboo Scaffolds in Indonesia is common.

They are mixing concrete here, the mixer is a luxury, not a normal, and most countries would be doing this by shovel.

This is normal, hard to find workers actually working on a construction site, however easy to find them sleeping.

Indonesia Construction


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