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Hash House Harriers

2006-06-04 20:50:00

Hash House Harriers

This is a sign on a water tank; this is at the viewing point of Mount Merapi Volcano. I think they may have installed toilets.

The Hash House Harriers is a British group I believe, that run, or jog. I am not sure, however you can find them normally in Expats areas.

Malioboro is I believe the area where I am living, hard to say, the guidebook is written in a manner that assumes you understand already. There are no tourist to ask, only the shagger girls with their Indonesia boyfriends, not your most intelligent sorts.
What happens normally with a traveler or tourist is this, they sit around reading the guidebook until the put together all the pieces. You can figure out a lot if you spend hours reading the guidebook. I personally have better things go do with my life. If I really become interested, I read my Encarta Encyclopedia, if I get to a point where I am super curious, I will go to the site and find out good information. The guidebooks renditions annoy me. The maps and the Hotels are about all I need from a guidebook or want. The hotel information is better than the Internet by a long ways.

Hash House Harriers


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