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East Timor Gang Control

2006-06-10 18:21:00

East Timor Gang Control
Sunday morning, about 4:20 am, my body is a little confused on time. There is a man outside my room snoring. Henry said,
- This is Gang control. -

I am in the East Timor Dili Backpackers Hostel.

Henry is the owner of the Hostel and a fine place to be, a few single rooms, not a complete dorm thing. It has a kitchen for guest, TV room and a couple of Timor girls for host. Henry is a good source of gossip on East Timor after you encourage him to talk a reluctant and non-partisan innocent bystander…
He hired a couple of boys to sleep on the couches as gang control. Maybe they belong to gangs and hired to be inside and not outside. A gang is for the most part just boys with nothing better to do.
The one snore, however Henry instincts are good and has his ear to the ground a lot better than the not-so-personal Hotel Timor where all the journalist stay.
It is enigmatic how or why the journalists insulate themselves so well from the people they are report on or explaining. I suppose reporting news is not the real business of the journalist, they for sure have an agenda.
East Timor Gang Control


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