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Donating to People

2006-06-18 19:24:00

Donating to People
330 days per year, I live for sure outside the USA for 330 days per year, now I know because this is a requirement by the USA tax system that allows me to earn up to 80,000 dollars and not pay taxes.
I think 90 percent of these days a person walks up to me and ask for a donation, maybe this is begging. I decided I wanted to slice and dice the meaning of what is happening to me daily.
There are three words that I quickly find.

There are two ways of donating. The most common is someone enters my world and asks or makes me feel, then I give. Second is I see a situation and somehow feel impelled to help.
Begging or Donating is to me the same, both wish me to feel sorrow or sadness and give money. I do give maybe one dollar U.S. per day to people who are missing legs, hands, etc or sometimes extremely old persons, and not so often, but children. Normally I do not give to children, only in extreme cases.
In the USA, I am happy to say, it is very easy to avoid these guilt extortions of money. The USA has easier ways of them receiving money; therefore, they do not go right to the source. My taxes pay for it.
I do not volunteer, I do not donate, and I do not give to beggars, none of this I donate easily. I will not help to remove pride from a person; I especially will not pay to help remove the pride from a person. I wrote one of my better thoughts about the Enslaved by love bunch in Niger.

I am here in Subic Bay Philippines or on this beach, looking for a place to manufacture backpacks. It is not going good, in fact sometimes the Philippines is more like talking to con men, then talking to normal people.

I have the opportunity to choose a location; I am hoping to give three people a job, or more. The same goes for me finding PHP workers or webmasters to help, writers and all the other a sundry people needed to make a web site.

Donate or Job, contribute or enable beggars to thrive, or maybe in a nice way create employment. I do not think they willing want employment; the world really wants something for nothing.
A gift is something for nothing, I produced a newsletter for years asking for donations, however I was selling entertainment, however I needed to use the word donation or they would think I am crazy.
Today three things happened.
1. A person from Bangladesh applied to be a data entry person. I do not try to get people from Bangladesh. I am not advertising in Bangladesh.
2. A Hotel in Manila wrote and said 11-12 people came to their Hotel because of me blogging about the Hotel.
3. Comments on Volunteer, donations, etc.
Volunteering and Donating is painful.

I have told or said to people, to give to people that need your help is painful, it is not fun to see death, orphans are easy to see compared to malnutrition children. The more the need the more the emotional pain or the more a person has to pay with their feelings. Money is easy; looking in the eyes of person with no fingers in India with leprosy is not easy.
However… I can try to manufacture backpacks in a place where life is not easy for me, where it is difficult, or I can go to an easy places. The Philippines has severe poverty, sometime the same as India. It is easy to avoid, however I can see it everywhere. The culture stops many from succeeding; they can be the most difficult and sometimes lazy people on the planet. In addition, there is an every present scam going on, this is a problem.
Indonesia is in pretty good shape, Nepal is a beautiful country, and living there is nice. Thailand is on the way, Cambodia needs help and so does Peru or Ecuador, Africa is a basket case, needs more help than the French took…
There is an idea called Micro Financing. This is a good idea, however the problem is the Entrepreneurs do not know what the world need. What they do is finance an already existing type of business. One starts or does well, one has an internet then the whole city is littered with Internet Cafes. Funding trinket making is not very productive; I tried to tell a woman in La Paz, Bolivia. Why do you not make sweaters that would sell in the USA? She thought she was, she was making sweaters for Bolivia and tourist purchased, however only at the Ski Slope was it possible to wear.
I think good Entrepreneurial ideas need sent to the underdeveloped nations, then co-partnered with the locals. Nevertheless, to me choosing a place that needs the jobs not where it would be easy to do.
The bottom line is this; I would do about anything to stop the enslavement of cultures by the NGOs. I think it would be better to choose locations that need help and not what is easy.
1.  provision of help: the voluntary provision of money, materials, or help to people in need 
2.  material help: money, materials, or help voluntarily given to people in need 
3.  organization providing charity: an organization that collects money and other voluntary contributions of help for people in need 
4.  tolerant attitude: the willingness to judge people in a tolerant or favorable way 
5.  impartial love: the impartial love of other people 

1.  ask with emotion: to ask somebody for something in a very intense, humble, or even humiliating way 
2.  ask for charity: to ask people for gifts of money or food, especially in the street .

1.  something given to somebody: something that is given to somebody, usually to give pleasure or to show gratitude
a birthday gift

Marketers are fond of the expression free gift, if the frequency with which they use it is any indication. But because any gift worthy of its name is free, the result of using the two words together is both illogical and exaggerated. The phrase free gift should be avoided.

1.  gift or contribution: a gift or contribution, especially a sum of money given to a charity 
2.  act of giving: the act of giving something, especially money to a charity

Donating to People

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