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Dangerous Travel Mindset

2006-06-09 03:06:00

Dangerous Travel Mindset
I am going to East Timor, I think the place is quite safe, however there is the possibility of danger. It is interesting how my mind has went from the too comfortable Asia travel mode to a get ready to encounter trouble mode. I try to stay in the maximum alert mode all the time, it just does not happen.
I use the same safety strategies anywhere on the planet; I do not change my operating procedure just because it feels safe.
However, I do become lax. This is a problem, I know if and when I ever have my whole backpack swiped it probably will not be in some funky country, it will be in a place where I feel very safe.
I try to log in all my idea or thoughts onto my website, as I travel if I think of a good idea, see a solution I will file it away on the proper page. My 150 categories of normally encompass all topics I need. Maybe now and then a sub-category.
It occurred to me the other day when I was reading the book - State of Fear - by Michael Crichton that in many ways I support this mentality. Not consciously, however generally my tips revolve around security and safety. There are many about how to live traveling, however most are about traveling safe.
I suppose in the end all are rooted in the idea of having no stress and being happy.
Mindset of Danger
I was feeling, I am going to be searched, or I would hope the Australian Army has a higher level of security. I hope they search me 5 times better than normal.
Hmm… I have 2 USA passports… this does not look good. I better hide or make one seem a little less obvious. Bali is one of the worst places on the planet for a long-term backpacker. There is no storage or I would leave one backpack in the hotel. Everyone that comes to Bali is here on a two week drunk vacation and boom girl of Jiggy Jiggy as they say here trip. I have not found the center of the backpacker universe.
Dangerous Travel Mindset


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