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Catch 22 Crazy

2006-06-23 20:24:00

Catch 22 Crazy

I have a friend that is going crazy. In the past, I talked with him on a regular basis and would seek out his advice, spend some time with him and enjoy his company. He lives in Manila, Philippines.

Expats in the Philippines can range from very brilliant to absolutely perverted crazy. Sadly, 95 percent do not get my least amount of attention, I avoid them at all cost. They are just too nuts for me. However, the 5 percent can be brilliant.

If I talk with Expats, I lose.
If I do not talk with the Expats, I lose.

It is a Catch 22.

My friend that is going crazy knows where I live, it is not that big of secret and sometimes a reader or person can figure it out. Sometimes I just say, I am living in this place and here now. According the level of crazies in the area and if I wish to meet a friend and make their life easier.

I am a person that picks up the telephone. I do not screen my calls or screen the emails. I do like to have a shut off, not a screening, but a complete shut off. I do like to permanently block people from my life. This is not screening, I do not make the choice before you talk or write or visit me, and I only make the ultimate choice after a person earns the option. You are totally blocked from my life.

I am sad, my friend is going crazy. He has hyped himself so far down the path; he does not know how to stop.

Very common to meet a blooming crazy traveler, extremely common to meet a nut Expat.

The crazier the place, the more fun.

Catch 22 Crazy

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