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Blue Screen of Death

2006-06-28 18:01:00

Blue Screen of Death

I have been experiencing the Blue Screen of Death. At least this is what my friend Andrew and Stephen have called it, they are techies. I am not a good techie, I do not pay attention to jargon and insider type terms. I cannot be bothered, however sometimes it applies.

My computer has been going the light colored blue, then stops, shuts itself off and tries to reboot. It then goes into some check disk mode. It is not a good sign, it could mean so many things.

Reseat the RAM - Random Access Memory.

I have solved a similar problem now 5 time by removing the RAM and the Hard Drive and putting it back into the socket. This reestablishes the electrical connection. I performed this operation a couple of minutes ago and now I am typing in complete paranoia. I have to click on save every other sentence or when I get paranoid. If, I click on save, the typing is saved to the hard drive and the blue screen will not loose it, however, I am only as good as the last save.

I will soon get to focused and not save as often as need, if the blue screen problem is not fixed, I will loose maybe 10 minute or more of typing and computer work. I is possible to loose information, that make me sad.

So far, so good, no blue screens. For a person traveling with a laptop, I strongly advice them to learn how to remove the RAM and Hard Drive and reseat. I believe a prior computer was declared junk, when this was the problem, not the diagnosis of the technicians. Computer in many ways have out distanced the ability of technicians to fix. Their only hope is to guess and replace the computer parts or computer.

Bouncing around in the bag causes the electrical connections of my RAM memory to loosen. Vibration is a major problem for small electrical connections.

Blue Screen of Death

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