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Australian Soldiers

2006-06-12 05:26:00

Australian Soldiers

Today in East Timor there was some excitement; a few kids supposedly had a gun.

This group was over in the Deli Backpacker Hostel on Mandarin street chatting.

Everyone runs out to the streets as Henry comes in and says or tells everyone there is group of boys outside with a gun. They sit here on their heels or haunches in normal Asian style. East Timor boys, possible part of the Karate gang groups.

The one has a headset on, the modern Australia Soldier or many soldiers have a large array of gear. Enough clothing on for three persons.

Interrogating in the Portuguese language is not easy; they have them up and answering questions.

I did not talk with the Australian Soldiers however; it appears they were searching the East Timor boy’s car.

The excitement caused a small traffic jam.

There seems to be a race problem in East Timor that is also a gang against gang problem.

Australian Soldiers

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