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2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines

2006-06-16 23:25:00

2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines
Friday, June 16, 2006

I am in Angeles City, the city that accompanies Clark Airport. I flew from the Singapore Airport today with http://www.tigerairways.com . The flight was easy, the airport was a mess. I suppose it was organized better almost than Manila; however, the Taxis are a pain.
The Taxi situation in the Philippines is challenging the world for the worst, hard to say, I have not seen them all. I suppose Mexico is a close competitor for having the worst Taxis on the planet. I just want to ask simple questions, how to get to Olangapoe, not listen to so much misinformation. The Official Tourism counter did not speak English as I asked,
- I want a beach -
The showed me a brochure of a resort.

I paid 200 Pesos finally to come to the Thunder Hotel.
I have the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia, and I cannot believe it, the book does not have Clark Airport, Angeles City, or Subic Bay.

The Lonely Planet Philippines only does have it, I am really annoyed by this as I feel for safety and understanding of a country, all major, and all if possible passport entry stations need logged, and explained.
Example, Angeles City is one of the dodgier cities on the planet; it is maybe one of the Sex Tourism Capitals of the planet. Some naïve person books a ticket online, which would be smart from Macao, Singapore, or somewhere and ends up in Angeles City. This is a great jump point to go to Sagada or Banaue.
They arrive late at night; they need to get a room if they are a good traveler. Every border city needs a safe harbor for travelers.
2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines

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