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What is Significant in Nepal

2006-05-25 21:13:00

What is Significant in Nepal

I purchased a used Lonely Planet Nepal Guidebook for 950 Nepal Rupees, or about 13.50 U.S. Dollars. I always feel that there must be some type of copyright violation by buying a used book´┐Ż

Nonetheless, I am perusing the book, it has two major themes.

1. Trekking
2. Buddhist Monasteries

There is much more to this country than these two things, however the guidbook is not very helpful as obsessed with the two biggies.

I do not Trek and for sure, I do not pay to Trek, however maybe going to the Mount Everest Base Camp is significant, I am told, not sure, but I think I must walk to the camp. I suppose I could take a Helicopter. Therefore, I need to Trek to get there.

I used to believe there were two times to go, March and September; I am now feeling that the only time for me to go is in March. I believe the ability to get close to a Mount Everest climber is significant.

I try to understand the lure of Trekking, I think it is for a city kid that never seen the mountains or countryside. In addition, you have some bragging power if you go on a long one, you can say you survived. I personally believe about anyone can survive and not an accomplishment.

What is significant?

Hmm, hard to say for sure, however Nepal and Tibet are on a fringe cultural area between China and India. The faces, bodies, color of skin, the eyes change.


There are cultures that are isolated because of the incredibly difficult Himalayan Mountain range. You can have pockets or places where very few persons enter or see. Tibet has this, however difficult to see because of restrictions on travel by China. I would suppose it is possible to find really unique and primitive cultures. I am trying to suss out how, however presently it is difficult from the guidebook. I am thinking I need a good map of Nepal.

What is significant?

Architecture, buildings, tools, animals and cooking.

What is Significant in Nepal