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Volunteer Indonesia Earthquake

2006-05-29 22:30:00

Volunteer Indonesia Earthquake

A question was sent to me from a reader, I am posting it and answer.

----- Original Message -----
Dear Andy, please could you give me some advice, I would like to go over to Indonesia to help the people after the terrible earthquake, I have never volunteered before and have never backpacked so I need a few pointers! Are there any organizations that I can go over with? As I have very few qualifications and no real profession Im not really sure if I can do much but I really want to help.
Thanks very much from Gina, England


Hello Gina,
Very difficult question.
If I was going to Volunteer, it would be difficult.
The Red Cross is the only organization to me, that appears safe, however they like any organization has problems.

If you wish to come and volunteer, I suppose you need to get on a plane to Solo Indonesia.

If you wish, I can meet you and help you search for an organization, it would be a fun blog or posting.
Andy on the way to Solo.

Look at this map.

I am flying from Katmandu to Bangkok and will be in Solo on the 1st of June.
I am going to Mount Merapi also to see the Volcano.

In this type of venture, I try to think of the Hindu saying of - Ahimsa -
- First do no harm -

Note that asking a million questions is not part of the solution, it can be part of the problem.

NOTE: Forgot to say to her, Earthquakes cause homes to collapse, therefore a shortage of sleeping is for sure a problem. I have equipment to sleep outside, to me this is standard operating procedure. I am always prepared to sleep outside, I use a poncho as tent, and a hammock as bed.

Volunteer Indonesia Earthquake