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Visakha Bucha Day

2006-05-11 23:26:00

Visakha Bucha Day

1 800 Find A Monk ... Hmmm...

How do you find a Monk or know when they walk around in Bangkok or Khao San Road. Visakha Bucha Day is an important Holiday in Thailand, it falls, as best I can understand on the Full Moon Day or day after the Full Moon. A big day on Koh Pha Ngan Island also...

It is the celebration as I understand of:

1. Birth of Buddha.

2. Enlightenment of Buddha

3. Death of Buddha

They all fall on the same date and month.

My friend from Khon Kaen University, a girl felt a need to offer rice as a gift to the Monks in the morning of May 12, 2006. I said, go buy them a SIM Card or Cell Phone time, they are always in Panthip purchasing Computer things, why not?

She says, No, I go to 7-11 and buy something. Now what happens is this, Monks walk around in Thailand every morning, very early and maybe at 6:00 6:30 or 7:00 or sunrise, they walk to peoples homes carrying this round bowl like thing. I suppose a person is to give rice, or money or something as a tribute. I often see them making their small and never ending reminder walks around cities of Thailand. Sort of like the bells ringing on Sunday for Christians, or the call to Prayer on loud speakers of the Islamics.

Hard to avoid in the early morning, they are up and at it, collecting their gifts.

Now, if you are visiting Bangkok, do not have a home here, where do you find a Monk? What time do they do their little barefoot walk around Bangkok area? I said, they need a 1 800 Find a Monk service, then a Buddhist person can know the rules.

There is a compulsion and a need to find a Monk in the morning for my friend. I say, go to 7-11 and buy something. Like any person there is a maybe a thought, .. I just sleep, however to feel guuod about yourself as they would say in Thailand.

Guueod - Good

You need to give your fair share of Rice or something to the Monk, she knows 7-11 is not the best place, but the only sure place to buy something in Thailand at 5 in the morning is 7-11. She went and did here penance of a sort, said she also gave some money. Personally I think the Monks would be elated with the Prepaid Phone card.

The idea is to give.

Visakha Bucha Day

A Holiday in Thailand and for the Buddhist Religion