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Utang Na Loob

2006-05-02 16:06:00

Utang Na Loob

The Philippines

I was reading the Encyclopedia; I have also been reading the Lonely Planet guidebook, found a lot of information, however for sure the Encyclopedia is more cogent or clear.

There are overviews and there are snippets, a snippet is maybe a sidebar or a 2-minute sound bite, when I say snippet I mean a random piece of information, however, not connected to any other information.

Paper is the problem with a guidebook, the cost of paper limits or restricts the value of a guidebook.

Nonetheless, I am sitting here reading about Utang Na Loob.

- in which an act of voluntary assistance creates an obligation that the receiver must attempt to repay through reciprocal assistance.-

I would guess this is Tagalog, the local or dominant language I have discovered in the Philippines. This is all is speculation, extremely complicated to learn about the Philippines here in Manila.

There is a reoccurring them though here in this society.
- Sending money -

Western Union - The word Remittance, sending money somewhere is a way of life in the Philippines.

Utang Na Loob is than an interesting phrase or concept. I hear many Filipino persons mention,
- I must work and send money back to my family. -

I sometime feel the youth are the slaves to the adults, as if they would sell their children to any and all types of trade, including the worst if it made money. The fortunate appear to become Nurses, or maybe a Sailor. The unfortunate women or boys may be sold up the river to Angeles city or other bar centers. There is many bar stool women in the Philippines.

The phrase Utang Na Loob as said by the Encyclopedia implies that if I voluntarily help a person they will feel a compulsion to return the favor.

I do not know. I gave some time on the cell phone to the Maid in Cebu, now she is asking for time on her cell phone everyday. I have to stop replying to text messages, she has become a problem.

I personally am afraid to give anything to most of the persons; it would create a situation where I am asked daily for more.

I do see though, not between the foreigners, I believe the Philippine person could take daily and not reciprocate to a foreigner. However, there is a need of the women, I have not heard or seen this so far with the men. There is a need to help their families.

This reminds me of Mexico, maybe it is a Catholic thing, the corruptive natures of Mexico and the Philippines are very similar.

I have had extremely large numbers of people write or tell me,
- Never trust a Filipino -

I do not see this as true, they are trustworthy for at least a day, they do not seem to grab or steal everything in the Hotel or lying around.

The level of bullshit is high, however that is hard to reason with, I cannot seem to escape the tourist areas.

I am starting to think the reason is I do not feel safe. I do not know, I walk outside my door and there is a never-ending line of persons wanting to sell me fake watches or Viagra, girls, or something. I never stop and listen, they want me to come with them to enter rooms or places. They do not deserve a conversation.

Retirement Plans
This Utang Na Loob or obligation to me is a sad lack of understanding on the part of the United Nations to solve the world problems.

When you are in a country that has poverty, does not help or support the elderly or older persons. They have 10 children, then make them all feel guilty. Give me money, keep giving me money, marry someone that will give me money.

They know.
- I must have enough children, hope that one is kind, love them and will pay for them to live when they are old.

Selfish or survival, this is not a charity, this is a need. This needed compulsion must be created in the youth to survive when you are old.

I feel that population growth is tied one to one with not having a retirement plan or social security. Corruption stops social security or social monies from existing. This is a grab for the money while you can country, not wait or plan for the future. The plan for the future seems more to be how to move out of the country.

Again and again, I am in a tourist area, the worst areas on the planet for culture observation unless you want to see the bad in people, then a great place.

Utang Na Loob

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