Travel Towel and Ants

2006-05-17 21:36:00

Travel Towel and Ants

I may have solved a mystery, I got about 5 huge Ant welts on my back one day in the Manila after I showered. This is weird I thought, maybe I had an Ant on my back and it went crazy when it entered the shower with me.

I am presently in Bangkok in the Tu's Place Guesthouse, it has a typical Thai style shower, and because it a house, it is 10:26 in the morning, everyone is taking a shower. The common shower was open, I went for the room, grabbed the shampoo and was rushing to lock the door. I had wrapped myself a my towel.

Aagh, I return there is already someone in the shower.

I return to my room, lay down to check some downloads of emails from the GPRS connection on my cell phone. I keep the towel wrapped around me.

Bite, nibble, ouch, what the H.?

I am getting Ant Bites.

Now, the towel is still a little moist from yesterday, it was hanging on the wall, not on a clothes line. I think maybe them nasty little, terrible to know, not my friend Ants have entered onto the towel to get a drink. I have no idea.

This is
- Ant Theory -

I do not know the behavior of Ants for sure, I do know they have paths, I believe my towel is on the path.

Time for Nylon Cord clothesline dripped with insect repellant and hanging.

A clothes line can help, plus I can get the towel under the center of the room fan, and HOPE, I hope solve the Ants riddle, where are they all coming from.

A dry towel is always an art form when traveling.

Time to try to dash for the common shower again.

Travel Towel and Ants

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