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The Shame of Passing Judgment

2006-05-04 19:47:00

The Shame of Passing Judgment

I am a redeemed man, saved from my shame.

Yesterday, I was walking down Adriatico Street from the Station 168 Internet Caf� back to my Hotel called the Adriatico Pensionne Inn. As I was strolling down the street, I noticed to high-heeled girls to my right, there was younger man or boy walking directly in front of me.

I look over the right; I know I do not trust anymore, I never know what I am looking at, or what I am looking at, so I am cautious. The girls look over to me, I am not sure why, however I was suspicious. The girl opens her mouth and with a disguised male voice say,
- Hello Sir -

I say,
- Hello BOYS -

This was two boys dressed like girls.
This is normal in Asia in a way and nothing is special about this experience, other than most people are semi-homo phobic and just ignore. I enjoy saying hello and seeing how stupid life can be some days. Saying hello boys drove these wanna be girls crazy.

What was unusual is the boy in front of me thought I was saying hello to him?

He introduced himself as Marco, I introduced myself as Andy, and he proceeded to want to ask me where I was from and what not.

This is my shame, I passed a quick judgment on this boy, and I thought to myself, Philippine men do not talk to me unless they are on some type of scam. At least in the street, they only talk when they want to do something stupid or sell something stupid and more times than most country, they are scammers.

I started to give him the wave of the hand, and I did, I basically gave this man the sense,
- You are trash, stay away from me. -

Walking, down the street, he said goodbye, walked towards a business and I kept walking, thinking,
- Was his name Mario or Marcos -?

I felt bad; I know it is not right to judge people before I know them. I know that and believe that in the Malate area of Manila, or the Philippines 98 percent of the men or even women that come up to me are trashy in nature. However, it is not fair to the 1 in 100 to treat him as if he is trash. It was my shame.

To lose 1 persons of respect is too many.

I just do not know some days what to think, I am becoming hard, too hard for a healthy mind, I have experienced too much.

This morning, walking into the internet caf� the young man was mopping the steps, I stopped, said hello, shook his hand and said,
- Mario -

He was happy,
It was Marcos; however, he was happy I remember his name.

I am redeemed; I was able to show him the respect he deserved. I suppose he cleans up around the internet caf� and was happy I said hello. Now, I say hello to all the staff, anywhere I live, and any level of staff.
I judge by fellow man, not how they treat me, however how they treat the lowest of persons.

I still treat trash like trash, they just need to prove it first.

The Shame of Passing Judgment