The Proper Mental Balance in Thailand

2006-05-14 19:24:00

The Proper Mental Balance in Thailand

A proper mental balance is difficult enough while living in one location, I do believe it possible to go totally nuts traveling. I may be proof, however, or nonetheless when I feel I am reaching the proper balance I am happier.

On distraction or problem with my mental health is the computer and the internet.

I realized I am happier when I do NOT have 100 Internet Access in my room, however, I like Internet access in my room.


I have this internet connection presently in Bangkok, Thailand with my cell phone, it works moderately good in the morning and early afternoon, at night you may as well write home by snail mail because the would be faster. However, in a way this is great, I keep the proper balance. I can always go to an internet cafe anywhere in Thailand, they are everywhere and only one step away, thus who cares.

The connections or GPRS with, oops, I am collecting information on this page:
is good, and was easy enough to make, I walked into the office, handed them my computer and cell phone, received some training, then left the office.

The Proper Mental Balance in Thailand



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