The Lost World of Khao San Road

2006-05-18 20:17:00

The Lost World of Khao San Road

I was talking, listening and misinterpreting what person said about Khao San Road here in Bangkok the other night. I thought she said,
- People are addicted to Khao San -

I say,
- Yes, that is true. -
(That is not what she said, that is what I thought she said.)

There are many elements of Khao San Road, however you slice and dice it, the bottom line is Khao San is not for normal people.

I moved to a smaller Guesthouse and it has some Thai Hippies or maybe, Thai Jimmy Hendricks, however I doubt they are old enough or well read enough to know. However maybe the Thai version of Bob Marley. They want to cross over to the Farang or foreigners side of culture.

The got out the bongos tonight, I am hiding in my room. I cannot handle bongos or people that play bongos in Guesthouses; there is something over the edge, trying to hard to be something.

I took a walk to 7-11, the rain is dreary, Bangkok is a city, it is apparent in a rain and the sounds of traffic are magnified. The main road one block off the guesthouse has at least 10 lanes, I have never counted.

I walked by some night meat on a stick cart, the lady has many types of something sausage, looks like hotdogs rolled up into balls. I cannot ever learn about it because I want to vomit when I get close, therefore impossible to fake curiosity.

7-11 is a sane place in Thailand, coming back with a bottle of Milk, some Peanuts to alleviate depression and a package of Lays Potato chips; I know my happy level is up a notch.

When it rains in Bangkok, it can wash away a sticky substance that I believe is invisible on the ground. I was wading through a pond in the small Soi or Alley leading to my new Guesthouse. I look around, the water is cool, feels refreshing, my sandals are sloshy. I am ok, I am better; I like them peanuts with sugar on them. I think the rain has stop, I am doing the muse and meander thing back to the guesthouse. I hear a noise, look to the left and a rat the size of a small cat jumps and runs.

I look down in the water, I do not feel strong, I feel week, wonder if that rat was swimming in the pond called an alley?

I was thinking, then I was trying to find words to explain, there often are just not the right words to explain some places on the planet. They need to can it, package it, and ship it to people for them to understand.

I sleep on a mattress on the floor, this is common in Thailand, I do not have a top sheet, I am not sure if the bottom sheet has been changed. When I pulled out this little Thai style table, a pair of small petite girl�s underwear fell out the end.

I suppose that should give me a happy rush, however it gave me a feeling close to the rat. Where have they been and have the been swimming around in my room?

I need to move one level up the food chain, thinking about moving back to Sawasdee Smile Guesthouse tomorrow.

I suppose the bottom line is the Thai boys have gone around the Guesthouse and marked their territory. It is controlled by Thai Bob Marleys elements and adoring Foreigners that still believe.

I will be the same for a moment,
- Bad Karma -

I know the words, the phrases, I can be like them if I want, I can be a Chameleon, I fit in and I do not want to, nobody every said I was sane. I think June the manager has a TV in her room�

This is a little Thai Style type thingy, I pulled it or moved it out so I could hook my reading light on it and out pops something�

Undies hmmm

This is the Thai style bed on the floor of Tu�s Place, whatever the case, whatever you think, this is a good value for Khao San Road at 150 Baht or about 4 U.S. Dollars. In addition, I can put my own padlock on the door, now there are three on Khao San Road that I would say are secure.

I needed to use my special adapter, necessary for anyone; I plugged my computer into the light hanging from the ceiling.

I have moved to a different guesthouse closer to whatever and has long-term storage for my backpack.

The Lost World of Khao San Road

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