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The higher the price of gas the better

2006-05-04 03:35:00

The higher the price of gas the better

Bolivia is going crazy, the Islamic world is using oil, petroleum, or whatnot as a weapon. The higher the price of gas goes, the better for the world.

There is nothing noble about having money, a rock musician becomes a millionaire and suddenly they are a world expert on anything and everything.

The solution to many of the worlds problems is for gas prices to increase 10 times the present price. I will be very happy when the price of gas is 20 Dollars per gallon.

Then we will stop being dependent on insane people like Chavez, the crazy ruler of Venezuela, then people that have no business running a country like the ruler of Iran will have no voice, this sudden idiot in Bolivia will go back to the mountains.

I am tired of good men, men trying to earn a living, men or women, good people trying to reason with unreasonable people. A good man should not be expected to listen to the voices of crazy person try to make rules.

We have the technology to stop using oil, it is time to stop using oil, the higher the cost of gas goes the more feasible become any other source of energy.
Change is only feasible when there is no choice, I am happy they are putting the good men of the world in a corner. This is when a good man can show his mettle, and the true bullies will fall.

The higher the price of gas the better