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Thailand versus Philippines Culture

2006-05-11 00:38:00

Thailand versus Philippines Culture

The feeling are harsh, distinct, real, I can feel a critical different between cultures. One day or two days, more and I will stop comparing; I will be living in Thailand and forgetting the Philippines.

However, as of last night or yesterday, I am still mentally living in the Philippines and my body is in Thailand.

I see´┐Ż

The people of the Philippines are friendlier.
The girls of Thailand are more snobs.
Thailand is cleaner than the Philippines
The men of the Philippines are scammers.

The people of the Philippines are culturally less hip or cool than Thailand, fashions and understanding of the world is behind in the Philippines.

The food is better in Thailand.
The travelers in Thailand are children.
The tourists in the Philippines are perverts.

Thailand is Asian, I am not sure the Philippines culture is definable easily.

Thailand seems to be winners and confident, the Philippine people have all the same opportunities and seem to drop the ball.

Women in the Philippines can do anything the men in the Philippines are severely in trouble.

Philippines people are pigs, the Thailand are clean.

I like the Philippines people more, however I trust the Thailand people more.

The Philippines are delusion about what the value of what the sell or what they are worth. The Thai people sell things and services for a good value.

The government of the Philippines is arrogant, stupid and does not have a clue; the government of Thailand fully understands what their resources are and how to use them.

Thai people are cold.

Thai people are surrounded by people that speak English and refuse to learn to speak English.

Travelers in Thailand do not care about Thailand they are just here to buy.

Travelers in the Philippines live there.

I feel clean in Thailand.

I have better access to purchase and buy things in Thailand of an Asian nature, if I wanted to purchase something American I could maybe find easier in the Philippines.

My room is twice as good in Thailand for half the price of the Philippines.

Transportation in Thailand is easy; the travel in the Philippines is ridiculously difficult.

There are more people in the Philippines, they all live in Manila.

I am not sure which one I like more, I would say the Philippines, however I really do not like the men of the Philippines, they have this macho way of acting that reminds me a Mexican, a sort of arrogance that never stops. The USA culture can have the same on many levels. The USA culture or arrogance is easy for me to avoid, I do not think a person in the Philippines can avoid the arrogance of the men.

Thailand is great but the people are cold and distance, a sort of cruelness to them as is all the Asians. Guilt or the ability to feel guilty is more prevalent in the Philippines.

In the end, I really do not care about the differences. I go and carve out a place to live as quickly as possible and set up my travelers nest, then go out and explore.

Thailand versus Philippines Culture