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2006-05-27 20:44:00 Target of Opportunity

7:30 in an Internet Cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The computer has headsets with a mouthpiece.
There is nobody in the cafe, the speed may be high enough to talk.
It is the correct time in the USA to call, about 12 hours difference, or maybe 7:30 at night more or less one hour.
I say this is a target of opportunity.
I am a traveler, I move. is very good if you do not move, use your own computer and are very savvy.
Finding an Internet cafe open at 7:00 in the morning is not normal, I can go the opposite better, 7:00 at night. However, then the speed drops.
I downloaded the program, the headset was not connected and strangely the skype test did not show. It says the user could be blocking.
High speed connections in Nepal are hard to find, I have been to 10 Internet cafes. Target of Opportunity


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