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Shoes in Nepal

2006-05-28 08:46:00

Shoes in Nepal

The majority of person I meet have shoes on their feet, however this is Kathandu, the largest city in Nepal. I wonder how many in the countryside have shoes. People working in the fields are different from the ones in the city. This is along side the road to Dhulikhel, Nepal.

This woman was diligently cutting or working in the field.

There was a flat on the taxi, this woman walks by, and I say hello and snap a photo without bring the camera to see. The woman says,
- Hello, -
I am somewhat amazed, normally the could say Namaste or Hello in the Nepali language; however I expected her to look at me and say nothing. She is smoking a cigarette that is what is in her hand.

These are homes along the river. There is a fringe area along rivers where the water rises and is not good for a home. This area though has water, a place to wash and is good for temporary homes.

These homes are similar in design to Mongolia or the Turags of Niger. The do not appear to be waterproof, however I am very far from them and on in a moving taxi, hard to say or to know.

I often way poverty of a person by what is on their feet or I compare their feet to other persons.

Note that Nepal does have a caste system, not the same as India; however it does exist and is a way of thinking for Nepal people. They use this in evaluating or explaining.

Shoes in Nepal