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Quezon City or Cubao

2006-05-02 16:12:00

Quezon City or Cubao

I am leaving the Malate area and moving about 150 Peso Taxi drive east away from Manila bay to Quezon City or Cubao. There is also a Quezon Province or State, therefore a little confusing.

In reality, I am just changing neighborhoods in the greater Manila Metropolitan area; I think it will be a newer or more modern area of Manila. I do not like to stay in modern areas of cities or countries; it is like living in the USA with a twist, nothing culturally significant about going to Starbucks or some modern food chain.

My Lonely Planet accurately instructs tourist, however fails my interest or perspective on travel completely.

Quote on Quezon City Page 108 - Eighth Edition

- The area around Timog Ave. and Tomas Morato St is most desirable address if you�re looking for a Hotel in Quezon City. Many of the upmarket restaurant chains have branches here and it�s also convenient for big �disco-theatre� nightclubs. -

I believe this is what the guidebook readers want to read.
However - Restaurant Chains - or the recommendation of how to get close to the - Restaurant Chains - seems weird to me. I just do not understand, yes, I do like to go to a Pizza Hut or McDonalds on occasion or maybe as they have a Starbucks or TGIF Fridays I could go there. I almost NEVER go to Starbucks or TGIF Fridays as I feel like I am paying a lot of money to say I was somewhere, especially in Starbucks, just feels life an extremely bad value for the money, especially outside the USA.

I do not follow trends in the USA, I follow what I like and appreciate in the USA, and I especially do not travel around the planet to visit the same trends as I could easily visit in the USA.

On the other hand, a guidebook is not as I would hope about how to discover the other countries on the planet; they are more how to find your own country colonized on the other side of the planet. Making sure to remove the pain or meeting another countries culture. I do think a business travel should not have to deal with the local culture; however, I am clueless on the goals of a tourist.

I am only spending one night, maybe two in the Cubao or Quezon area, and then I plan to wander on out into the provinces as they say here. I am going to wander out into the countryside, I hope.

The guidebook is focusing on the main clients or readers here in the Philippines, an older single man with a pay-for-play Philippine girl are his side. Therefore you are not going to make any Philippine girl happy by going to a local restaurant, you need to take her to an
- upmarket restaurant chains have branches here and it�s also convenient for big �disco-theatre� nightclubs.-

This is a great way to impress a Filipino girl from the provinces, spend more money in an hour than her family spends in a week on luxury.

I think there is the Quiapo Market over there close to here, I am not sure that is culturally unique, however I do think it is different.

IN the end, the Philippines is a torturously confusing place to move around in and 4 times over-priced when I use the guidebook for help. I keep trying to suss this out, however, I do believe if they changed the focus it would be possible to travel the Philippines as just 1.5 times the cost of Thailand and not 4 times the cost. I do not travel at 4 times the cost, I travel at 1.5 the cost of Thailand, however this is why it is torturously complicated, and I have to search for every hotel.

I am losing the battle in Quezon City, I have no idea where I can find a good reasonable priced hotel around 400-600 Pesos.

Quezon City or Cubao