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Problems with Philippines Vitamins

2006-05-02 16:06:00

Problems with Philippines Vitamins

20 Cents U.S. per tablet in the Philippines,
2-3 Cents U.S. per tablet in the USA.

There is a common saying,
- Take your vitamins -

Maybe we will say,
- Eat your vegetables -

- Eat a balanced diet -

There are essential nutrients, vitamins, foods, things a person could or if they would put in their mouths that makes them thrive. I would say is needed, however this is not true, nothing is needed, it is just a want. They are needed if you wish to thrive, on the other hand if your only goal is to survive, then needed is just some dream.

Fruit Drinks versus 100 Percent Orange Juice

I went to the Mercury Pharmacy yesterday, went to the Robinson�s Supermarket; I wanted to buy Centrum Multi-vitamins because mine are gone. Actually, I have some sold in Wal-Mart brand called Equate, the list of whatnots in the tablets seemed overly enough to make me happy. Plus I take two per day and not just one, then also eat some Vitamin C, I have no real reason, just believe this is enough.

20 Cents U.S. per tablet in the Philippines,
2-3 Cents U.S. per tablet in the USA.

There is this comment or word, it means very little in reality, however is a clue.

- denying cells the nutrients that they need to thrive -

When a body does not have the foods it needs, it become smaller or more fragile looking. There are many or more than normal numbers of street children, mothers, and families in Manila on the streets asking for money.

Poverty is difficult, malnutrition caused by poverty is even more difficult to stop or interfere with, it is money. When I stop and give a child money, the child eats what they can to survive, not to thrive.

What I need to do is to give them some form of multi-vitamin enriched food complete with proteins and whatever else is essential. I think a can of
- Slim Fast -
That get thin, go on a diet, food supplement would be best. I am still annoyingly working on analyzing foods; therefore, I cannot say what is best. The books, websites, all are oversimplified; they do not do a work up or processing of many foods. They do very good on one food, however is not a - Balanced Diet - it is only talking about one food. I need to know all the food the poverty kid eats.

I can give them a multivitamin snack, which could do nothing. I need to give the kid, and the mother of the kid, when she is pregnant this multi-vitamin snack daily.

I keep thinking about the tourists that carry around small candies to give to the children. The need to carry the granola snack bars, the candy is the problem, not a solution, it just teaches them like candy.

Sugar is addictive.

I am making a list or collecting a list of the top 10 Medicines needed on the planet. I have a hypothesis or speculation that:

The cost of the top 10 medicines is 5 times more expensive in the poor countries than the rich countries.

The bottom line, I could have my mother go to Wal-Mart, buy a bottle of Equate Multi-Vitamins Retail, and send them to the Philippines and if I was able to distribute them and sell them, I could make a great profit.

Something is awry.

I do not blame the vitamin companies; they are selling for what the market will bear.

I blame the government of countries, they can and should swamp their countries with mass purchased medicines and vitamins.

My problem is me, I want to purchase multivitamins. IF I buy a bottle of 220 tablets here in the Philippines, it will cost me:

44 U.S.A. Dollars

I purchased the same for about 6 dollars in Wal-Mart.
Aagh, maybe I should have someone UPS me a big bottle. I wonder what the cost to UPS of FedEx a bottle, - No need for the bottle - to me here in Manila.

Economically there is a fox in the hen house.

Fruit Drinks versus 100 Percent Orange Juice
- To purchase orange juice, not an easy task, colored sugar water is a problem. The labels are extremely deceptive.

Problems with Philippines Vitamins