Nepal or Indonesia

2006-05-15 19:56:00

Nepal or Indonesia

I am working my way around some ideas, do I go to Indonesia and see this Merapi Volcano or do I rush to Nepal before all the tourist return.

I am trying to mark off a couple of countries and would like them to be near my path, I have a path leading towards India or Nepal.

Sr Lanka is close to my needed path of going to Goa and Nepal.


The obvious idea of going North or South or East or West does not hold water when you are making a decision to travel. Although it would seem that the shorter the trip, the cheaper the airfare, this is not true.

There are paths or well-worn airplane routes, they are cheap.

I am quite sure I can fly cheaper to Frankfurt Germany from Bangkok than I can fly to Bhutan, even though Bhutan is half the distance.

Very few people flying to Bhutan, therefore the fares are higher.

It is possible I take a very funny or strange path; the cost can be the same, however the long way home in many ways.

This is the reason a good travel agent is worth their weight in Gold, they tend to know the good or cheaper routes. The sad part is I only know a couple on the planet that has a clue and both are in Bangkok.

I will go talk today with Jeroen at Nat Tours

I need to get Visa for many countries or apply, then at the same time know how to buy plane tickets. CHEAP

I can buy a plane ticket easy to anywhere, what is difficult it to buy at a good price.

I wanted to go to Iran, however the website that said it was open to the USA, now says it is close. I can go to Afghanistan and pop and do a check. I would like to go to the Stan Brothers, all them Satellite countries I cannot spell, around the rim of Russia.

I hope he is working today.

Nepal or Indonesia

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