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Nepal Beggar Photo

2006-05-26 22:02:00

Nepal Beggar Photo

This is a beggar in Katmandu, Nepal, he is 62 years old.

I was having fun with this beggar, I first encountered him will sitting in a taxi, over by the Royal Palace. The pain in the butt stood by my window for about 3 minutes with his hand out and looking in pain while the taxi waited for the stop light to change.

I go over to Thamel and was talking with the Nepal boys helping to make my new backpacks. I turn around and look, this pain in the butt in next to me again. I say,

- You are a fast walker. -

I have no idea if he understands; his ploy or method of begging is to appear feeble and weak, to not talk and to act mute. I say,
- Get out of here. -
He does not leave.

He has a Nepali audience, therefore now the ploy is guilt. Make me feel guilty in front of Nepal people. I am laughing; I have encountered this procedure many times.

I ask the Nepal boys,
- Ask him how old he is? -

They asked and discovered he is 62, this is old enough, however this person has all his legs, arms, is in good shape, his clothes are good. He walked from the Royal Palace area quick, I think he is working the tourist areas.

This is maybe a Saddu dressed in normal clothes, he is bum.

OK, I decided to make him work for his money.

I made him pose. I put him in the sun, tried to capture a good photo, then gave him 20 Rupees, or about 35 cents U.S. The price of pride can be very cheap and economical.

I turned away after I gave him the 20 Rupees; I turned around and took another photo. This so-called feeble in pain man had walked about 100 feet in less than a minute. He was moving fast, he is a bum, not a Hobo traveling to look for work; he is a beggar who is trying to manipulate the emotions of the tourist.

There is nothing noble about this man, his pride was purchased for 35 cents U.S.

There is nothing noble about me; I am just a traveler enjoying the planet. I would consider it a fraud to make this man into one of the tear type photos, whereby the world feels something stupid.

There is this other person in the area, walking asking for money, no fingers, a fake leg. I have given him money a few times. The other day he sees me, he starts to come over, he realizes, I have given a couple of time and starts to walk away. I walk up and give some more money. He is doing what needs to be done to survive, the photo would be hard to view, I have trouble taking the photo, therefore would not take the photo.

He has no fingers, he used his nubs of hands to open the bag.

Nepal Beggar Photo

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