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Mom wants Travel Photos

2006-05-20 21:09:00

Mom wants Travel Photos

I can hear it now, my Mother and Father read all the blog postings,

- Andy,
Enough with the computer talk, go take some photos of something interesting...-

I can empathize with her, sometimes I do not like to hear my own thinking, I know it get boring. Whatever the case, I use my diary here to think out project, to understand myself. I do believe finally in the value of journalizing.

It is a wonderful way to take that abstract idea in the brain and making in a clear thought.

A blog is a suppose to be a log of thoughts in a way.

The word though travel blog somehow makes people think, when you travel you can only think about travel, the fun about travel to me has very little with looking at the Taj Mahal or leaning how to spell it correctly, not that I care.

It is the challenge of moving and solving the question, how do I travel?

FOR Mom, I am going to some good picture taking places soon. Nepal, Kashmir, India and Delhi, India, (Location or close to the Taj Majal.)

Where I may or may not learn how to spell those words.

Mom wants Travel Photos

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