Mobile Office Thailand

2006-05-14 19:58:00

Mobile Office Thailand

I am trying to find a way to really be mobile in any country or any place on the planet. For sure the BGAN Satellite is the probably the best for expensive internet access about anywhere. However, I am searching for stopping places where I can access the internet on a good or great level. I found a way to buy one month access in Thailand for about 22 U.S.A. Dollars for 120 Hours.

850 Baht to have 120 hours.

Breakdown of cost
200 Baht for round trip taxi to this office address below.
300 Baht to SIM Card or to get the telephone number.
350 Baht for one month of access.
I needed to purchase 500 Baht of time to have extra time, and they will auto remove 350 every month, I could have purchased more or less.

The system is this.
Print that address, take your computer and cell phone into the office.

I went to Panthip Computer Mall and purchased a bluetooth chippy thing for my computer.

I have had the directions written in the Thailand language, the website for AIS has a map that is maybe helpful, nonetheless if you have traveled to Thailand you know they are not going to deal with English, especially taxi driver. The best way it to have the directions in the Thailand language, then the only fight is to make sure the Taxi driver uses the meter. Note a Tuk Tuk is more expensive than a Taxi.

Taxi Directions to Panthip or Pantip. pronounced PanTEEP.

All this type of information will be collected here:

Mobile Office Thailand

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