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May 31 June 1 Bangkok to Solo Indonesia

2006-05-30 22:59:00

May 31 June 1 Bangkok to Solo Indonesia
I leave tonight from Bangkok, Thailand, fly to Singapore, stay about 10 hours in Airport, then arrive in Solo, Indonesia tomorrow morning. This is a good time to arrive in a country which I do not know.
I have discovered the major epicenter was about 7-15 miles, maybe kilometers south of Yogyyakarta in a smaller city called Bantul,it appears that over 2000 persons were killed there and only around 100 in Yogyyakarta. It appears fortunate that it was south of Yogyyakarta the bigger city of 500,000.
Bantul is smaller, I am trying to find the number of people that live in this city. It is close enough to Yogyyakarta that it could be one of them never ending cities or megalopolis.
The news sources are saying or using the number that 80 percent of the homes have been destroyed in this city of maybe village. They often just grab and run with these numbers.
I will be looking for a Hotel tomorrow in Yogyyakarta or closer, I am snagging a guidebook of Indonesia on Khao San Road to read up on what is possible.
IF you know or have good collaborated information on the population of Bantul please post in comments.
May 31 June 1 Bangkok to Solo Indonesia