Maoist in Nepal

2006-05-27 21:09:00

Maoist in Nepal

The country of Nepal is optimistic, they is hope that the problems of the past are behind them.

The Maoist and the leaders inside the business and government are asking and receiving commitments from the Maoist.

The bottom line is they want them to stop extorting money from people and businesses. The threat of violence if you do not support the Maoist by giving them money or support.

This is great; this will give the government of Nepal the moral high ground if the Maoist does not stop. Then the government of Nepal will be in a good position to ask the world for financial and military solutions to stop them. The world needs the excuse to stop the Maoist and the Maoist have stood up, volunteered the excuse.

What do I think´┐Ż? No way they stop. There are many person employed in the business of extortion. They now do not have a job, they were rich and powerful, now they are or should be looking for a job.

Soon there will be the arguments, you did not stand up to your side of the bargain, and the other side did not stand up to their side of the bargain.

The NET benefit now is the King is gone, dictatorship is gone. Some sort of Democracy exist, now the international community can be supportive. Progress is being made in Nepal.

Tourism, the country is dependent upon tourist for a large chunk of cash; therefore, most travelers and tourist are safe. Nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds him or her.

Maoist in Nepal

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