Many Small Hotel Gray Areas

Many Small Hotel Gray Areas

I have moved from the Mango off Khao San Road to the Sawasdee Smile just down the street. Complicated to explain why I was in the Mango, however, I will…
- Blame it on a woman -

The Mango is more upgrade, had better room, cleaner, everything works, however not as sociable as the Sawasdee Smile, there about 6 Sawasdee Hotels in the Khao San area of Bangkok and many in the country, it is big chain.

I am moving for this. Hehehe

The bottom line is I never relax until I have my own padlock on the room and deny the owners, staff etc access to my room.Nevertheless, there is a list of gray are areas to cover.

1. Does the TV reception work in my room.
2. Lights
3. Plugs on walls.

Now, I need to see if I have a cell phone reception, therefore the solid concrete rooms are not so good… I need to be close to a window.

However, with a window comes another security problem, can the person climb into the room; this is a huge problem on the planet.

I would say the feeling and quality of the room for me is less importance that idea of relaxing on security issues.

I have moved, I am happy, life is good. The Mango does not have a place to store my backpack. I am going to leave my backpack in the storage room here, a good one for Thailand, pay 10 Baht per day. Travel to Nepal; take many books to India to have scanned into the computer. I can buy any travel books on the planet on Khao San road then take or send to India to be scanned.

I would love to find a responsible person to scan books in Thailand; it would greatly speed up the process. I cost about 4 Rupees per page, about the same in Baht, I would suppose, or less. I want to create a reference library for me.
Long Term Storage and my own personal padlock on the door, the reasons for me to move.
Many Small Hotel Gray Areas

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