Malnutrition Solutions Niger

2006-05-19 20:50:00

Malnutrition Solutions Niger

I am doing research on Malnutrition.

I think I finally stumbled onto a place to find books or papers about Malnutrition, Agriculture or Nutrition.

IF you want to find books written about Food or Malnutrition you can search on this page:

This is a United Nations page I believe, the page is overloaded with both information and words that take a couple of minutes to comprehend. I would suppose like listening to a lawyer explain something.

Prof Talk

Niger is my focus, there is a lot of research done on Niger or people write a lot, I went to the encyclopedia to check my spelling. Niger has,
-French is the official language, but Hausa is the language of local trade - (2) Encarta

Hausa is the language of Niger.

Ok, it is like this, French is spoken with the rich who do not suffer from Malnutrition.

There is a need to have a way of simplifying this down to people talk, for sure this is complicated, but in the end the solution is simpler than the analyzation.

- IN the Hausa language, a person needs to hear or read. ( I think there is a way, read at bottom.)
- Only about 15 percent of person can read, therefore any solutions need to be either

1. On a sign that other can read to them.

2. On the radio.

3. Told to them or shown to them.

The bottom line is all the Prof talk needs dummied down, then translate a solution, not the analyzation of the problem, GROW these foods and your children will not die, then put in the Hausa language.

The Hausa language is the largest and best-known member of the Chadic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages. Hausa has borrowed freely from other languages, especially Arabic, and is adapting well to the demands of contemporary cultural change. It has become a common language for millions of non-Hausa West Africans, and sizable Hausa-speaking communities exist in each major city of West and North Africa as well as along the trans-Saharan trade and pilgrimage routes. An extensive literature and several periodicals in Romanized script have been produced since the beginning of British rule. An Arabic-based writing system, developed before the British conquest, is still in limited use.

Malnutrition Solutions Niger



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