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Kevin Sites in Nepal

2006-05-25 21:06:00

Kevin Sites in Nepal

Four taxi trips and 400 Rupees in fees; this is where I ended up on my search for Kevin Sites in Nepal.

Info on Kevin Sites

The two Reception men at the desk of the Shangri-La in Katmandu says Kevin checked out on May 23, 2006. The suspicion says he is going now to Kashmir, India.

This is the Shangri-La Kathmandu Hotel in Nepal.

This is my patient 300 Rupee Taxi drivers; he took me from Thamel to the office where the Kahtmandu Post is published. Waited a half hour while I went in and talked with Dinesh Wagle. We stopped at the Hotel where Kevin stayed in Katmandu, then returned to Thamel for a total of 4.35 Dollars in taxi fees.

I paid 100 for a round trip to the Kings Palace and the Annapurna Hotel where the BBC and CNN stayed earlier in the day and did not fine any smell of Kevin.

10:30 to 4:30 and many stops to play.

6 hours of tracking the spoor and I feel 95 percent sure I have accessed the situation pretty good, this was only one day of work? pretty good, if I do say so myself.

120 Dollars per night and for a 5-Star Hotel in Katmandu, Nepal

This Hotel has broadband Wifi in the room; this would be a good reason to live in the Hotel.


This is Dinesh Wagle; he spent some time with Kevin in Nepal. He works for the Kantipur Publications or the Nepal language side of the Katmandu Post. The Katmandu post is an English language paper in Katmandu.

I found the trail on the website as I decided. Kevin does not just tell me where, when, or what he is doing. Therefore I will go find out from person he references. The task was much easier then I anticipated.

Dinesh has a blog on the internet, maybe in conjunction with other persons.

Biography Page:


Official or something:

I called up Mr. Dinesh Wagle and instantly had an appointment to go and talk with him, he was very helpful. I spent maybe one-half hour with the young man, however was not able to find a clear path of understanding.

The interpretation I now have about Kevin as explained to me by Dinesh was difficult to understand.

Dinesh says he helped with Translations and also was out in the field, maybe for 10 days. I am not so clear on this. I wanted to understand what equipment Kevin had or what are the brand names of the Satellite systems. Dinesh did not know, however he said he used Kevin?s Satellite system for 30 minute at a cost of 6 dollars per minute.

I wanted to know the exact brand, I would like to know what the big boys use for their systems. Names, people, etc? Dinesh does not know.

Dinesh says Kevin he is off to Kashmir then to Sr Lanka.

How to describe Dinesh.

He was sent to the USA by the government and stayed in 175-200 Hotels, wanted to know if it was possible to travel cheap in the USA.


How does Kevin work, according to Dinesh you can read it all on the WebPages, I do not see it.

However, Dinesh says he takes the photos, writes the articles, and then sends all to - Mission Control. - Mission control is three people that works for Yahoo.com, Kevin?s sponsor or benefactor in this trip. There is a researcher, and again this is all sketchy. I feel this was more speculation on the part of Dinesh. I do not believe he gave Kevin the one-two-how do you do this quiz. More of along for the trip, I am trying my best to be one of the big boys.

I have to admit, a person from Nepal, from anywhere could be impressed if a person said,
- I am from Yahoo.com.-
- I am from BBC -
- I am from CNN -

I am impressed when Dinesh says,
- Kevin is a one-man show -

Two notches up, and even though for sure living in a 120 dollar per night 5-Star Hotel with internet in the room, does make your job easier, he still must use the technology. I was expecting him to have a technician with him making life easier. He sends the information to Mission Control, and then they spin it into cotton candy.

The communication is difficult.

I will hold my thought here? Nepal is not a free country.

What is a success for Andy the HoboTraveler.com when he talks with a Journalist?
- No photos were taken of me, I took the photos. -

I do not like my photo taken or put on websites, I like traveling below the radar. I suppose I should go to Kashmir.

Kevin Sites in Nepal

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