Kevin Sites in my Sights

2006-05-16 18:53:00

Kevin Sites in my Sights

I think Kevin Sites is in NEPAL!

I am debating, I think you spell the word for a rifle sights as - Sights -.

Nonetheless, I have or maybe I have Kevin Sites in my sights, I have been doing some less than successful research to figure out a way to discover where Kevin Sites is located.

I am in many of the - not-so-sure-hotspots - of the world.

Kevin Sites is as best I can understand; I do not have TV or Internet in my room for 24 hours a day. I cannot monitor his movements, I am a traveler.

Kevin Site has or seems to be promoted by on a special web page called.

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone: Conflict Journalist & Video News

He has a list of Hot Zones or location where there are conflicts; I think he means it is dangerous.
I do not want to misrepresent Kevin, so here is his Mission Statement on the site:

Our Mission and Goals
To cover every armed conflict* in the world within one year, and in doing so to provide a clear idea of the combatants, victims, causes, and costs of each of these struggles - and their global impact. With honest, thoughtful reporting we'll strive to establish Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone as a forum for information and involvement. Users will not only learn about the scope of world conflict, but will find ways to be part of the solutions- through dialogue, debate, and avenues for action.
( I hope that link does not break? hehehe)

Kevin Sites is some Yahoo made to order journalist or something like that, I believe he is Yahoo attempt to see if they can make a roaming the world journalist work and pay.

There is a question posed? At least I have a question, maybe Yahoo does not.
- Can you pay a journalist to write for the internet and make money? -

The internet is not the same as a magazine or newspaper, the profit model is different and much more just. There is a justice in advertising, an advertiser can determine exactly if they earned money by being on a page, while a newspaper or magazine advertiser is guessing or more correctly hoping the money they pay for advertising is making money.

WHAT about ME?

OK, I enjoy the current events of the planet; I like to see what is going on, who are the players, why, what and when, etc.

I on the other hand do not have camera operators, editors, or a team of person following me around making sure I do not step on my tail. I can jump off the proverbial bridge and nobody will stop me or help me.

Therefore, if I go to a Hot Zone, maybe like I was thinking in Sr Lanka and something to do with Tiger Rebels I could meander into trouble, not small, but big without a safety net.


There is a saying; I think I heard it in a movie.

It goes something like this,
- Remember, when you get to the edge of the world, where the land ends, THERE BE DRAGONS -

I believe and do not have time to research, however I believe this is old Sailor lore explaining what happens when you fall off the edge of a FLAT planet.



There are small signs, sometimes-big signs, then sometimes there a made to order caution signs by the press or media.

Conflict, battles and dangers is over-rated; I have sincere respect for Marco Polo and Ferdinand Magellan, Darwin and some of them that really lived on the edge.

I do not live on the edge, I have been to Iraq, however it was or is not the most dangerous place I have been or situation.

I like to go or see where the edge is located, the edge of safety is not clear, it is the edge, you do not find it until you get cut on it.

I suppose I would be close to the edge or you can say I am close to the edge when?
- I go and buy a weapon -
I went a purchase machetes or a small sword a couple of times, however on hindsight I now remember why.

In Iraq, I learned most reporters never leave the Hotel and make up most stories, or whatever their imagination comes up with, some do, however most stay inside the compound.

I left the compound in Iraq, however we could not get the reporters to come with us, they needed their bodyguards.


The ugly word, money, I have a personal relationship with money. I know I need it to travel; I am not getting a paycheck from Yahoo for unknown benefits. IF I do not figure out a way to pay for the trip, I cannot go, thus there is true justice again.

I study or try to study Kevin Sites; I want to learn if there is some technology I need to be paying attention too, is he doing something unique? I am not sure, I still see him as having support staff out the wazoo.

I have Internet Techie support; however, I do not think little Andrew in India is going to go help me kill - Lions, Tigers and Bears -

IF I go to close to the edge, I will find the Dragons.

Bottom line, Kevin Sites could or maybe is in Nepal, I can fly on Monday to Nepal, maybe earlier, I hope to find the man, take some photos. IF you area 24 hour internet access person and can find the exact - real time - where this man is information. POST it on the bottom.

Real Time, I am in Bangkok, on Khao San Road, walking around, buying Ice Coffee and looking at Farang in funny clothes.

I may go to Bhutan or Bangladesh, Ash mention something about being able to get a visa, I am working on the Bhutan.

Kevin Sites in my Sights

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