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Katmandu Nepal is Home

2006-05-25 01:33:00

Katmandu Nepal is Home
Today I am living in Katmandu, tomorrow I do not know. I will live where my backpack resides. I am having a new model made here. Many problems with the Internet..
- Very slow and stop.
- Blocks emails sent from email client.
- No electricity.
I do not like to walk, therefore I have interviewed 5 so far, the one I used to use the last trip has moved on the other side of town.
It is raining now, I carried my computer here with NO bag, because I gave it to a person to copy.
Nothing is working, however life is good here, they smile quick.
I am saying Nepal is Home because I need to do some self-talk accepting that where sleep is home, until I move.

Kathmandu Nepal is Home