JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

2006-05-14 02:26:00

JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

There is a very large flea market or open market in Bangkok, Thailand, it about 100 Baht or 2.5 U.S. taxi trip from Khao San or Sukumvit.

It is probably the best place on the planet to outfit or buy furnishing for a Thail restaurant or buy cheap clothes from China and Thailand.

This is a popsicle holder or ice on a stick, I have never seen this device and thought interesting.

The beggar was pulling himself through the congested walk way, he was missing a leg and was collecting a lot of money.

I think this is some Austrailian instrument. I do know that carrying the not so interesting sounding instrument is trendy with the dreads and tattoo bunch.

Copy and transferring of culture from the west to the east. These are some Thai boys with Mohawks or wanna be skinheads.

We went to the Moshit Bus station, and at 6:00 every afternnon they play some music, I think the National Anthem of Thailaind, everyone stops and is reverant for a minute.

JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

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