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Interpreting Cultures

2006-05-23 21:26:00

Interpreting Cultures

I am here in Nepal, I may have dropped one or two levels on a development scale.

The United Nations Human development Index give a rating for Thailand of 76 Thailand  and living to be 69 years, while Nepal has a rating of 140 and they live to be 59.9 years old. I think this is averages.

That would tend to make one believe that life in Nepal is worst than life in Thailand. I would say the smile index is higher here and lower in Thailand.

Interpreting a culture is probably a waste of time, unless you are trying to convince some rich country to give to a poor country. After that, I am maybe an expert as well as a person that has never traveled. We are both experts in interpreting culture or explaining cultures.

One time you will be 100 percent and the next time I will be 99 percent correct. I know enough to be 100 percent sure; I would never think I am correct about anything having to do with culture.

Cultural Ignorance

I have BBC and CNN in my room, a great room for 5 dollars U.S. per night; however, I can say that nothing is more obvious than the cultural ignorance of BBC and CNN.

I have to continually listen to the reporters says with an arrogance, what they know is happening in a country.

I am 100 percent sure I can take a photo or video here in Nepal that would make you believe it the most modern country on the planet or in the next photo I can make it the poorest and most primitive.

However to talk or write with an assertive voice or a voice with no passive tone to me causes problem. It is natural to say thing with conviction, then to readjust. Then say again with certainty.

Interpreting Cultures