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Ice Coffee Addictions

2006-05-04 03:47:00

Ice Coffee Addictions

I am becoming a fan of Ice Coffee, the mini stop convenient stores in Manila, Philippines has the newest and the latest type of ice machine. The slurped machine is on the outs, there is a new type of ice slushy machine on the block.

This is a glass of Iced Coffee sold in the Mini Stop Convenience shop for 26 Filipino Pesos or about 50 cents U.S., not a good bargain although acceptable.

It has this extra large diameter straw, a good and wise idea.

This is the new ice machine on the block, those large, mixers are moving out and this one is coming to vogue in the world. It is interesting to see the world change.

Thanks Nescafe for making my day in a world of hot, dust and too much heat of Manila.

Ice Coffee Addictions