I can be what I want to be

I can be what I want to be

I am realizing, I always am realizing, everyday I change. I know each and every day of the week it is possible to be anything I want to be.

I can pretend for three years.

After three years of pretending, I am maybe what I want to be.

There are questions asked of one in life, what do you want to be, how did you become this, or the worst question.
- Did you study computers in University? -

I truly believe you cannot study to be something; you must have on the job training.

Therefore, you get a job where you are incompetent, then after three years of pretending, you are competent.

People can hurt me, they can tell me thoughts, and they can make me believe I am not capable of doing something.
I am presently in Thailand; I just left the Philippines a person start to continually ask themselves.
- Why is the culture of one country different from another? -

Many persons would refer or say, this is a job for an anthropologist. I would say to myself, you want me to ask some person, who has just started studying cultures, and is still incompetent, does not even live outside their own culture, lives inside a culture, pretending to study another culture to explain to me about culture.

You have to be crazy.

Where did this all start, I was watching CNN here in my room, I am listening to some Journalist explain the political situation in a country. I think, this is a journalist, they are a not a person that studied political sciences or history.

Everyone thinks they are an expert on all things, and in reality, they are just a pretender to be many things.

This is good. This is OK; I do not think it is good for a person to represent himself or herself as an expert in something they know very little about. It is obvious a journalist is not capable of being an expert on all the subjects they pretend to be experts on, and what is ever more dangerously stupid is the public listens.

Working inside your chosen field for three years is a good start.

I know of five subjects for sure, I believe I am expert on; I try to never tell you, I could be wrong.

I will study, I do not pretend, however I will study for a few more years and maybe I will be an expert, or the master of one small conversation I could have.

I can be what I want to be


I use to think of myself as an artist with living life being my medium and spontaneous action and choices being my art. Usually when asked if I know something as if I qualify as an expert my answer is usually I don't ( have never known ) know what I'm doing but just KEEP ON DOING IT! The old expression, "a jack of all trades a master of none" probably comes the closest but even that description would be an exaggeration. "Culture shock" best explains to how we who move around inside and between countries and cultures feel when drastic changes in moods and chains of thoughts come out of nowhere. Being an EXPERT about any subject matters little or NOT AT ALL to me. The world keeps moving, time keeps moving, life's building blocks and molecular particles keep moving, facts and knowledge and skills evolve and we all change so MASTERING the MOMENT day by day week by week maintaining a harmony between our past present and future is enough of a challenge for me.