Hacking the Blog or Accident

2006-05-17 20:24:00

Hacking the Blog or Accident

I had some person successfully post to the blog yesterday or sometime while I was sleeping.

I am not sure how, however for sure there is a hole in the blogger.com system or they spoofed. Hard to say how they do this, maybe it intentional or maybe by accident.

What happens is this,
I post by email, this means I send an e-mail to blogger.com that is a special address. The email address is not suppose to be so special, it is meant to work only from my reply address.

I am not sure how, maybe he or she spoofed or faked the reply address, it is so common to have people trying to do something that I almost admire them.

If they are really trying to hack in or spam the blog, they really need to get a life and channel that energy into a fruitful enterprise.

Contrary to any ideas about the internet, advertising on some large website is not as beneficial or world shattering as they hope.

He may have received 10 people on his or he site, not a real productive form of advertising.

On the other hand, he or she may have just hit reply and it worked, therefore who knows. I do know the world of computers is extremely far from perfection.

My Hosting techies or support tell me dream world beliefs weekly, they really do not know how their systems work as well as the believe. It is just too complicated to learn, then just when they get a grip, it is all changed again.

Two Thumbs Up to the Hack or Spammer.

I do admire brains, and think I should encourage hacking on my sight, give them something to do and demands we learn.


Special Weapons And Tactics

I think that is what it means, eventually we the Hobo techies will have a special attack them force to go after them. We already made about 6 months ago an counter attack all the way down to the internet provider in India, telling them they had a spammer that was annoying us, tracked all the IP, followed them home.

Hacking the Blog or Accident


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