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French Swiss Culture in Nepal

2006-05-26 22:00:00

French Swiss Culture in Nepal

I just returned to the room. I am preparing to travel today, I need to shower, shave, pack, and more or less place my world in good order.

I am wondering why I need to go downstairs and turn on the electricity for the showers.

I am in a good hotel for the money, it is good value. The location is quiet; I do not have drug dealers outside my door. It is quiet, the room is ok.

I have stayed in this Guesthouse or Hotel now, maybe three separate times. I have learned.
- IF I want a warm shower, I must turn on the electrify myself. -

There is a wall area where the owner, very cleverly has all the breaker switches for the hot water heater tanks. He can regulate the electricity for each room or some double sets of rooms. It is clever, however, dependent upon a Nepal worker to turn on in the morning.
(In my next life� )

I wake up around 6:00 or 7:00, I would like to take a shower maybe around 7:00 in the morning. I have never seen the electrify turned on until 8:00, actually I have never seen it turned on unless I ask, now I do not ask, I turn it on.

The owner is a French speaking Swiss person.
- Does he take a shower? -
- I do not have toilet paper in my room, does he use toilet paper? -
- I do not have a sheet big enough for my mattress, does he use sheets? -
(Forget the fitted sheet idea�)

This is a humorous aspect of culture, he is married to a Nepal woman, he has lived here for a long time. He has become in many ways Nepal culture, or I do not know, maybe he is Swiss culture.

The reason to live in a Guesthouse owned by a foreign person is to avoid the Nepal culture. Mission Impossible.

The art of travel is not to live like a local that is easy. The art of travel is to live in the same buildings or rooms as the locals, however, somehow give myself the standard of living I want.

I have an extra sheet to cover the bed.
I have a bucket and water heater for a hot water shower.
I always carry toilet paper.

I even have a heater for my room, I also carry a mosquito net, cooking equipment, I can live in any four-walled room with access to water. Without electricity, I can still boil water using alcohol as a fuel.

Culture is powerful. People 80 percent of the time become like the culture around them, they do not retain their culture, they lose their own culture.

Then again, I do not know, maybe the French Swiss do not shower or use toilet paper, and do not have sheets.

French Swiss Culture in Nepal

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