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First Things First

2006-05-25 20:57:00

First Things First

I woke up, went to make a cup of coffee, turned on the TV as I passed it. There is a black girl singing Hip Hop something and dancing like a stripper with clothes. I think, I need to change, however I enter the toilet to fill up my glass with water, then use my one cup coffee cooker to heat some water.

Suddenly the station Z-Studio changes and a lady starts to give a speech, I think what a contrast, from strippers with clothes on to older lady.

There is only 3-5 stations that are in English, sometime though a channel can be English and then change to Hindi or some language unknown, one in French and one in German.

Nonetheless, the lady says,
- First things first -
Then she says,
I will talk about,
- Letting the main thing be the main thing.-

She goes on to say, how we need to keep our priorities in line. I am thinking, well is the station about girls stripping with their clothes on, or is this station about a lady trying to inspire me?

I do not have a clock, it broke, I had turned on my computer to check the time. I need to buy a new one; I walked around yesterday for one hour trying to find an alarm clock. The one I want seems to be hard to find, it is crazy. If I purchase the wrong one, it will break again. They all break, just some sooner than others or I lose it.


Ooops, I told that boy at the tailors I would come at 8:00 this morning, I want to listen to this lady�

NO, as she says, keep your priorities in line.
I think to myself,
- This is Nepal, the person will not be there, and will not be on time. -

I put on some dirty clothes, on a dirty body, and run for the door, grab my handy dandy neck pillow that I am enlarging. I need to get to the very close tailors quick.


I am on time; however, one young boy is opening he door, starts to clean. I am happy; I have done first things first. I told the boy I would come back at 8:00 and performed as agreed.

First things first, I know I must trust myself, therefore I say what I am going to do, and do what I say. I then trust myself.

The boy arrived about 15 minutes late.

However, I am sitting on step, doing my job; I am here to be a people watcher to watch Nepal. I am dwelling on my head about how many times in the last couple of days the concept of keeping first things first came up or I thought about it.

A man walk by, stops, looks at me, I say,
- Hello - Namaste -

He speaks slow, ask me where I am from, what I am doing, he tells me he is a schoolteacher.

He ask,
- How do you feel about Nepal? -

I want to say, same same, but different as a joke, I just left Thailand and that is a Thailand thought. I say, it feels the same as the last time I was here.

I say,
- I hope they have ONE government -
Not three,
- King
- Maoist
- People

One that represent the people.

I say,
- Hope -
I start to think about Kevin Site, I am going to go to the Palace and find a large 4-5 Star close to the Palace, and I would think that is where Kevin Sites may be staying. At least a good place to find his trail.

Kevin is a journalist that is supposes to be finding the pulse of the people in a conflict zone, or more or less explaining.

I say often,
- I am a culture traveler; I like to learn about cultures -

First things First,
- Damn you lady, I cannot abort my first things first -
I am too prioritized in a situation where many things want to compete with my priorities.

In the 15 minutes before the tailor boy arrived, the older man had sat down next to me. He puts his hand in a soft way on my leg, makes himself close enough to touch me, this is the custom here among good friends that are men. They will hold hands or hug each other, ok, I wish to understand, I know enough about the bleeding from India to China culture here that I must allow him to be himself, IF I want to learn.

His English is good, however laboriously slow; I am at this office to talk with the boy tailor. He also deserves to be listened too, or talked with. This many is older, he has a higher level of social priority. Moreover, he is wearing one of them beanies that are a typical hat of Nepal, this is like a status or I want to be a serious man and be of respect.

Priorities or First things First �.

Learning about culture is a tearing at the soul, a mix of my culture fighting with their culture. Where does my culture end, and their culture begins. He is a man, wanting to learn about my culture, I am a man, wanting to learn about his culture. He wants to talk politics.

He says,
- The Maoist are not in the villages, they are in the city -

He says the word
- Terrorist -
He says they are not problem for the village, they are in the city.

- LEADING the Witness -
I keep hearing the judge say,
- You are leading the witness -

First things First when I am trying to learn about a culture is I do no put words in their mouths. I do not complete or guess what the end of the sentence is or what they are trying to say.

I am listening; however, he is not being interviewed. He wants to learn about me, my country, and my opinions. This is not a one-way conversation. I must give or share and he will give and share, we must be completely honest, no agendas, nothing but two persons being honest and having a conversation.

I want to sneak inside the mind of a Nepal person, feel what they feel, understand what they think, know the truth.

I know this is not possible, for one thing, one person is not a country, too understand a people; you need to talk to a people.

I am thinking again about Kevin Sites, this man probably has a camera crew following him around. I am thinking,
- It is possible to feel people to sneak inside and learn about people, the culture, the thoughts, those inner person thoughts, those small real, however sometime secret thought when,
- You have a Camera Crew -

I do not have my camera with me, culture become what you want it to become when a person is photographed.

I am needing to go find the trail of Kevin Sites, he has left, could leave the country, he may be here, or he may be one. This is a mess country, information is not easy.

I am leaving and stop typing on the computer.

I know now, better, first things first, I want to learn about journalist. I want to suss this out in my mind. What do they want to do; they sometime destroy more than then help. I believe that Journalist are the moral police, they try to expose what is morally bad, and this stops corruption. On the other hand, they is no moral police on the Journalist, they often lie to make a story. They put words in the mouth of the witness; the culture can be made to say anything you wish.

What is my goal, my first priority is to enjoy the day. The prime directive of travel is to do what you like to do, the reason I am in Nepal is to make backpack to sell on my site.

Rai Bhesh wishes me to order or buy many things, I say,
- First things First, I want to make a perfect backpack -

He says, the travelers buy what looks good, I explain or say, I believe that - Form Follows Function -

First, we make it work well, and then we make it look good. I am making a travelers backpack, it is not to climb mountains, I do not care if it looks good, I want the perfect home made for me, then I will believe in it, and then I can sell or recommend easier.

The old man follows me to the Hotel, he really wants to talk, he arranges to come to the Guesthouse at 7-8, not 7 and not 8, 7-8.. Aagh. The rules I must obey to listen to a culture. I have to sit around for one hour waiting to find his culture.

I wonder, will a Journalist pay the price, can they, is it possible. The price to get a good photo is cheap. The price to get an interesting story is cheap. The price to learn or understand a person, culture are real person is expensive; it takes or requires I give myself to them, it cost me, I must give them what I feel. I must pay with my feelings. It is an emotional price.

In an overwhelming cultural experience the senses are bombarded, your brain is buzzing, there are too many thoughts. A person needs to remember first things first. IF not they could forget to survive.

I am being sneaky; the lady that brought this up on TV was a Christian giving a sermon. I know that a great way to stop a person from reading or listening is to talk about religion. IF I talked about Monks and Buddhist, everyone would be reading. I say Christian or God and I lose half the people. Too stupid, why do people have contempt, before consideration?

On the other hand, it is a novel idea that on TV in an India influenced TV, why is a lady giving a Christian Sermon. There are Monks, Hindu, and all that stuff, however not in English.

Let the Main Thing be the Main Thing
Joyce Meyers

First Things First

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