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Dhulikhel Nepal

2006-05-26 21:54:00

Dhulikhel Nepal
Saturday May 27, 2006

I leave by local bus for the city of Dhulikhel, Nepal. I do not really want to go to Dhulikhel; however, my Napali friends are maybe incapable of believing a foreigner wants to see a small city. I want to go to a no name city somewhere or anywhere outside of Kathmandu or Katmandu far enough to not see tourist.

I talked three times, on separate days, with maps, guidebook, and pushing and shoving them to try to understand.
- I want to go to small city. -
- I want to go to place where there is no tourist. -

They show me on a map, I look it up in the guidebook, the city Dhulikhel is in the guidebook. I said,
- IF it is in the guidebook, there are tourists. -
One of my Nepali friends comprehended this; however, I am not sure, I think he is afraid and does not know.

1. He is afraid to recommend anything that would be maybe uncomfortable or dirty, not tourist grade. (Trekking is uncomfortable; however, it is not being with Nepal people.)

2. He maybe does not know. Nepali persons are not tourist, it is very normal they never leave the specific area where they live. Traveling around, spending money just to look at Nepal people is not something that would be common in a poorer country. The reason person travel in poorer countries is for commerce, or to go to markets. They could go and visit family, however to explore their own country is not a normal activity.

I have no idea, this is just speculation. I can tell you, I tried to say in about 10 different English sentences, all-redundant, however saying the same thing.
- I want to see only Nepal people. -

One person said,
- They will not speak English. -
I said,
- Go to China. -

I could care less about whether they speak English, it is not important, I can travel anywhere without a translator or speaking the local language. In the end, sleeping and eating is basic, they will help me to sleep and eat, and I do not have to speak the language.

On the other hand, I have arranged a strange guide. I had better not use the word guide, this is not a guide. It is a person who wants to learn English, and if I pay for a room, maybe cost me 10 dollars per day for room and board; I will have a new friend to travel with me to Dhulikhel Nepal.

This is an experiment for me; I am trying to find persons to temporarily travel with to these no-name cities. I am not going to Dhulikhel, I am going to some small village close to there, however I need a label, therefore I am using Dhulikhel.

Traveling to no-name cities, with no tourist, no clear reason to enter, other than to look at people is difficult for me. I can go easy, however the boredom or too many questions can be a killer. Sometimes you do not talk to anyone for days, the next time the collect me and make me sit and eat, and listen to person that talk three words of English.


It is lonely and not a thrill, it is real. IF you seen how some of the other tourist dressed, you would understand.

Dhulikhel Nepal

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