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Capturing the Feeling in a Blog

2006-05-11 17:15:00

Capturing the Feeling in a Blog

I have the definition problems, I believe a blog is my log or my personal diary, it is not supposed to be edited. I can learn from a post and maybe not repeat the same type of spelling or grammar errors. However, I do not think I should sit around trying to make myself a perfect person. I believe the art of a blog is to expose yourself or in this case myself in a true, honest and authentic way.

Easier to say then to do, however I recently made a fast and furious post on the my site. It was a comparison of Philippines to Thailand and it is funny, I am getting all of these encouraging post.

I truly do believe a person is better off just letting a post fly and allowing the world to understand how you feel or think. I do know that some people have dark thoughts and really should hide, however there are many who just have a shadow, like all of us. Somewhere there is place where people can share, be intimate, think, and be allowed to have a thought. Not a perfect thought, however a true and real thought.

I think the best is a thought that is quick, fast and not edited. I typed this whole post out in less than 3-5 minutes. No backtracking, no thinking, just let it fly, sort of the proof to myself that you should be open and free in style, not constricted and planned.

This is the post that took 3 minutes.... hehehe

Capturing the Feeling in a Blog