Bangkok Katmandu Kashmir

2006-05-17 20:53:00

Bangkok Katmandu Kashmir

Thailand to Nepal to India

I purchased a ticket from Bangkok to Nepal for Monday, many flights are cancelled and the Thai Airways is just too expensive.

I leave Monday May 22, 2006 for Katmandu, Nepal.

It is an open jaw ticket; I think that is what you call it. It is a ticket to Nepal, then another ticket to India. Looks like an open mouth on a drawing. Then with no return, it is an open mouth, not a closed mouth. I think that definition is correct.

I am trying to figure out how to go to Kashmir, India. I have an adjustable ticket already for Delhi, which does not mean I can change it easily. I am hoping my visa comes back for India as multiple entry, I do not know and the India Visa people are not predictable.

I think Bangkok is great for applying for Visas, I found I can get a Russian Visa here easily.

Note: There is a world of difference between Sukumvit and Khao San Road. The really bend over the Sukumvit Tourist for price.

I saw a trip to Pattaya advertised on Nana for 1200 Baht, it only cost 200 here on Khao San Road. I keep saying comments about the area, so I went over there and walked around to see what is going on�

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Bangkok Katmandu Kashmir

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