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Backpack Blues

2006-05-26 21:43:00

Backpack Blues

I am trying to make a good sample of my dream backpack here in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is hard on my emotional status, hard to have patience, it is incredibly insane.

Nepal is better than Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, and Bolivia; however, there are many problems. In the city of Katmandu, Nepal there are many backpack stores, every street in the Thamel area is wall-to-wall backpacks or gear store. This is what I am buying in Nepal, a desire to think about gear. It is not travel gear, it climbing or trekking gear, there is a difference.

Copy, please copy, exact, not changes, the exact same, nothing is to change, I want the F%^King exact same, I do not care, I want it perfect.
I have a perfect example of a water bottle holder; this did not work with one company. This is a simple device, clean, easy, and not difficult. However, he did make a copy, not perfect or even close to be in a copy.

Nepal has the parts, clips, zippers, and materials; they have what is needed to make backpacks.

I am wondering if I would take 100 U.S. Dollar a pay a person, could I get them to work faster or listen, probably the word is concentrate.

I have the solution, I am going to go to the market and buy all the parts needed to make a perfect backpack. I can send it to the USA, and maybe a few other countries and have it in inventory to make a perfect sample.

There are 5 steps more or less to the process of making a backpack. The bottom line is being able to repeat the design, this is the trick, the world can make a close copy.

1. Make one perfect sample.
2. Make cardboard templates or patterns of the pieces.
3. Buy all the clips, materials, pieces, etc and have in one location.
4. Cut all the pieces.
5. Assemble or sow together.

I can will try to make the perfect sample, and then paper patterns, then I will proceed to buy the zippers and clips. This is crazy, contrary to any imagined idea; you cannot pay enough to make persons jump.

Backpack Blues