Ants in Thailand

2006-05-17 00:26:00

Ants in Thailand

I rolled over, covered myself, put on insect repellant, I had these welts over my body. Finally, I turned on the light, for a good inspection; somehow, ants had crawled into my bed and were biting me last night.

Not the semi-friendly type that just annoy by crawling on my body, the more vicious type that bite and leave small red marks, sort of swollen and itchy.

I moved hotels, not because of the Ants.

I have moved to some 150 Baht, strange, dread, and Thai house, and sleep on a mattress on floor place. There are many people to talk with, however back to the cold-water dip shower method of cleaning my body.
The place is nice, everyone is friendly and for sure, you cannot avoid them by accident or design. Some French Canadian girl in the Post Office yesterday told me about the place, so I followed her home. It is cheap for sure, friendly, and the closest to having a kitchen for me to use, that I have encountered in a many a moon.

It is a House, almost impossible to explain where it located. I think I will take a GPS reading. The name is Tu House or Tu Guesthouse or something like that, sort of a chill out, smoke a joint, play the bongs place, and my room is huge for 150 Baht.

I have a lock on my door, so I am in seventh heaven, I can feel secure, all is great.

I keep trying to tell the Tuk Tuk driver it was behind the Mercedes Benz place, on the main road. He does not understand Mercedes; I am too lazy to walk with my heavy backpack. I only walk in Europe with my backpack; I use a taxi that is what one dollar is good for´┐Ż A taxi.

I do not like to pack my back, but if I am going to pack my back, it is a good time to move. Just to safe, I went to 7-11 and purchased a one-dollar can of insect KILLER. I am hoping it works on ants, it is possible the are in my clothing and backpack.

I sprayed kind of secretive, I think I am surround by granola for lunch bunch, maybe Veggies, and they may want to save the ants, or hug a tree. This stereotype does not always like effective measures.

Ants in Thailand

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