220 110 Room Heater for Nepal

2006-05-20 04:29:00

220 110 Room Heater for Nepal

I am still in Bangkok, I am preparing to go to Nepal, many persons would be thinking about trekking or what last few tourist sites in Bangkok to visit. Me, I am worried about freezing, Nepal is a country on the cusp, it is not cold, however it is not warm, it is not always comfortable.

I estimate that Katmandu, Nepal is about 28 degrees above the Equator.
This is about the same as Miami, Florida.

Now, in Miami you are at sea level, while at Katmandu I will be at 1220 meters or maybe 4000 feet above sea level. This altitude makes it colder, mostly at night, the days could be like Miami, then a cool drop at night. The warmer days convinces them to not heat the rooms. Therefore for a beach bum, I am freezing. Tibet is even worst, and the Chinese can be inhuman on how they treat a tourist. I was in Lhasa Tibet and it was frozen outside, I had a room with zero heat.

I remember....!

I have been trying to make this 220 110 Heater, something that would work in Quito, Ecuador at 2500 Meters with 110, however also will work in Nepal that has 220. I think I have found the right combination. I went to Panthip, today a computer mall, purchased a universal computer cord that has adjustable output, it give me a 15 Volt output, and then I purchased a 12 Volt Fan that you put in a computer.

I am testing, I will let run all night and hopefully I will have a complete forced air heater that is whisper quiet or about the same degree of racket as your computer. I am excited, the problems with this have been numerous. I think I have made great progress, however the test will be in Nepal on them cold mountain nights.

I suppose I should find a girl, it would be easier.

Oh well, life is good. I have been trying to do this for years. I used to use a hot plate, however it is only radiant, with this I have a fan that will blow through the heater.

NOTE: This may seem weird, heaters are easy to buy. However to purchase a heater that does not make FAN NOISE is difficult.

Owners of Hotels do not like room heaters.

Plus I can cook on this baby.

220 110 Room Heater for Nepal

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