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What is the Future of Travel Technology

2006-04-01 04:55:00

What is the Future of Travel Technology

It is a curious speculation, what will happen in the future. I am going to the USA today, therefore I tend to think about buying technology. It is cheap, information is easy, I can buy it with a phone call, it is possible to explore the possibilities. Therefore the USA is like a shopping center for my dream toys. I can do this on the internet, however without the ability to purchase the items, it is frustrating.

Communication is the major dream, satellite telephone, internet access over the internet.

Organizations toys, things to help make me smarter.

I am not addicted to the internet, however many of my readers are, they ask consistently on how to stay connected to the Internet when traveling. What tells me they are addicted is they dwell on the speed. Writing emails does not require much speed, however getting the rush of looking at new pages, overwhelming the senses takes speed. I very seldom care about the speed unless I have to wait. Music and pictures require speed, I do not look at pictures often, and do not download music. I do download books.

So as I go the USA, I am thinking about a BGAN Inmarsat Satellite Internet access system, I will try to visit an office in Rochester, New York.

IF I could talk with a person who knows how to put movies on the internet,  I would do this also. I better be careful, I need a person that knows how to take a 30 minute movie. The in the course of about 15 minute convert it to a 25 Meg Movie in three formats, then put in the internet from any computer they walk by. I can do this maybe with perfect conditions, however I should also say, do this from the rear seat of a greyhound bus, or on the back of a camel.

OK, if I could do these two thing, I could go to Agadez, Niger, hop on a Camel across the Sahara for 20 to 40 days. Send movie clips to the internet, go broke paying for the internet access, however explore a unique places on the planet and explain it while my feeling were uncensored. While I have no chance to edit, censor or change. This is maybe the future of Technology and Travel, we will be able to share in real time what we are doing.

What is the Future of Travel Technology