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USA Friendly Country

2006-04-19 20:26:00


I love the USA; it is the best country on the planet for many things, very boring, however still the best place to have children on the planet.

I have this mega website that is trying to eat me; it is causing me to think too much. I have to now plot and plan more than any time in my travels. I now have to find funny things; in reality, I need an office that is not an office. I have no need for an office; however, I have a need for a mailing address. They call these thingies Mail Drops, maybe an Accommodation Address, maybe a Boat Mail, or in some case just a P.O. Box.

I need a P.O. Box, however what happens is this, the world is having this P.O. Box identity crisis, if they identify it as a P.O. Box they believe you are not in business or real. I do admit, there is a truth to this. On the other hand, the small village I live in the USA does not have home delivery of mail; therefore, everyone in the whole village has a P.O. Box. This causes unknown amount of problems. IF they send normal mail, it must have the P.O. Box address of they send back, if they send by Fed Ex or UPS or whatnot the must have the street address. However they have this resistance to showing both as an Address, in the end two-address lines are absolutely needed.

I keep thinking of India, if I send something to India, it must have so much information that you cannot get it on a Fed Ex label, therefore you just hope it arrives. It will, however the last thing you want in India is for the government to pay attention to your mail. They seem to figure out ways to collect money.

Philippines is the Asia version of Panama, it has an arm-length association with the USA that is from Military associations. I like the Military associations; they just are more permanent than any friendly relations are. Mexico is I suppose friendly, however only when it helps Mexico.

I am thinking this, I will get a way, who knows exactly what type of way, however a way to have mail delivered to:

Manila, Philippines
- Maybe Thailand

Frankfurt, German or Munich, Germany

- I would like to have Bogot?, Colombia, however just too difficult, raises too many red flags. I will however go for
- Arequipa, Peru

I have to forego America or the USA as this only makes the IRS get horny for money, they just need to get their nose in their and they have leverage to extract money. I have discovered or the accountant said correctly.
- The IRS is a collection agency that does not care how they collect of if you owe. -

I want to receive a book, some publisher or maybe a Public Relations company wants me to read a book. I want to read the book; however, there is a real time misunderstanding of me. I laugh, most travel writers are maybe easy to find, they do not travel, however I always travel and how do you receive a book.

What happen, I think is this, as this is maybe the third time someone wanted to send me a book. I am having may people now send products to test; most of these companies just are not capable of being personal enough to send me a product or a book.

I suppose I must get impersonal so I can receive the books or products. I have to have this list of address?s pre-set or arranged for them to send to; one small amount of work and most of them fumble the ball.

Oh well, I have tested a Manila, Philippines address and it works ok, not great, however it does work. I am constantly worried that I get an address at a business that then moves or goes out of business. I really like government controlled P.O. Boxes, however than I am just a NUMBER, I cannot get any personal attention. I suppose what I need is a company that will go once per month and collect from the P.O. Box, then give me a street address that I can use for Fedex or UPS or DHL packages. I will go and see about the government box here in Manila.

IF I have both, the one for mail and the other for packages it would be good. I truly wish I could trust more hotels on the planet to keep things and to remember. IF I am not there to instruct, coerce of holler they will just steal or put away permanently any package that could be received. Hong Kong is maybe a solution as they have a number of expat type services.

Mobile Office
This is somewhere over the rainbow the goal. Everyone I talk to has some screwed up advice on how this can work. Normally it comes down to this; they want me to trust a person to never change. Plus or they have a system that works for them. They will say something like I have this friend in this country that can do this, they do not understand, they go to the country and live for 6 months, then they return to the USA to live for 6 months. There 6 month squatters, they are not travelers. Poste Restante does not work, I am not going to wait and wait for mail, then hope it comes, not returned, if I do not pick-up in the amount of time, it is destroyed or returned. I would be working for the mail and not for me.

Paying them?

I need to pay for a mail drop; this is not as easy as you think. I have finally decided either to pay personally with cash, or to pay with the online Western Union system.  Western Union has made some serious progress in payments anywhere. The cost is high, but I know for sure it works, this is safety thing also, a check may never arrive, and is just too full of glitches.

I am guessing, however to really have a mobile office on the planet or of the planet you need to pay about 200 U.S.A. dollars per mail drop per year and have on 6 continents on the plant, I guess I can skip the North Pole and Australia.

South America
Middle East

1200 U.S. Dollars just to keep the pace going, that is a lot of money just to receive mail, I am not sure the money is worth the gain. This is the value of a diary though, it is away to think through some of these problems and come up with solutions. I will have to muse on this, test on this, and try to figure out some ways to do this.

My other solution is to establish 6 Guesthouses on the planet; I am going to stop using the word Hostel as it is not correct. I want a Hotel that is apartment living? something like that.

The Hotel could be a retirement center for backpacker or a research center for me, a place that is a true office or facility for people that need the state of the art world that makes life easy.