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The Manila Office of

2006-04-27 19:11:00

The Manila Office of

First Office established and is not an office, it is just a place that works good.

I am trying to find an office, hahaha or hehehe or jejejeje in Manila, Philippines, therefore I keep returning to the scene of the crime.

I want a mobile office facility, I want a way to live and travel and have an office, however in reality, and I do not want an office. I just want all the services of benefits of an office, without the office.

I am having some brain clutter, or maybe a burp in decision making process, I am not sure what I want, I had unlimited access in Antigua, Guatemala in my room and on hindsight this stressed me out more than it made me happy. On the other hand, it did allow me to randomly remember to perform some task or jobs. There are these small, petty, not an A demanding jobs to perform, they never become a - I have to do to today a job - they just on the periphery and never on the front lines. When I have unlimited internet in my room, I perform these types of jobs.

I read this book called, or I think called, if I have, unlimited internet access in this room, and I would look it up; however I do not, therefore my personal journal is prone to mistakes. The name of the book was
- How to get control of you time and your life. -

It was basically this, you have A B an C priorities in a day, the A are absolutely have to perform jobs, the B need to wait until they become an A before you do them, and it was notched or showed how to prioritize this. After many years of doing this, I have made it much simpler; I just have a list of


I can only perform three things today, IF I actually worked more than 2 hours per day, I would be able to do 5, however that is too much work for a Hobo.

I tape a list on the door of my room and try to look at the list as I leave, then I try to mark off three of them in a day.

After that, I only try to put myself in harms way, I mean, I try to put myself in the path of accidentally getting something done. IF I go to the internet today at 10:00, I am almost positive I can chat with Ellie, some hopefully new workers from the Philippines that is going to work on or says she is going to work on

This means she will make progress and I will maybe answer or steer her in the correct directions, always under the premise, we
- Make two steps forward, and one step back -

This means I will net out one correct step when climbing he stairs.


The mobile docking station for my body is almost working.

Internet Caf? - Station 168 on Adriatico in Malate, Manila, Philippines
- Internet 24 hours per day.
- Print Pages
- Free Long Distance Calls on phone to USA
- Air-conditioned and friendly staff.
- I am able to connect my laptop
Cost: 1 dollar per hours for internet access

476 United Nations Avenue
Suite 312
Ermita, Manila 1000
Cost: 10 Dollars per month for box.

- Adriatico Pensionne Inn
- Quick Mart outside the Hotel, free breakfast.
- Many other choices, however, I MUST be able to walk to Station 168 Internet Caf?.
- Cost: 10 dollars and up per night, there is cheaper in the area.

- Across the street
- Robinson?s Mall within 4 blocks

- Down the block towards Robinson mall on the left

I am greatly simplifying this, however the bottom line is if you live in the Adriatico, Pensionne Inn your are in the middle of all the necessary facilities to live and have a life and enjoy Manila, IF that is possible.

Sadly, I believe that most person work randomly or only when the boss says, this has to be done today. Therefore, because of bad working skills, they need to have a 100 percent access in their room or they will not be able to prioritize their work. Plus the normal person can only do one A priority job per day. Whatever the case, a person should start out by only performing one per day, shooting for the stars just makes you depressed, only do one per day, when you can perform this PERFECT, then go to two, never fail, absolute perfection is needed, or absolute forgiveness.

Extremely long list makes a person give up, forget, and throw the list away, overwhelmed to a standstill, only do one thing per day, do it, and when a person can do this, trust themselves, than go to two thingies per day.

The Manila Office of